Professor emeritus Gudmundur Magnússon

Main publications

1.   Production under Risk. A theoretical study. Doctoral thesis. Almqvist & Wicksell, Uppsala and Stockholm 1969.

2.   Icelandic Industry and the EFTA. Ministry of Industry 1969.

3.   Industrial Prospects. Ministry of Industry 1971.

4.   Manufacturing industries in Iceland . In Iceland 874-1974. Central Bank of Iceland 1974.

5.   Conditions for economic growth. Fjármálatíðindi, 1974.

6.   Conditions for growth of icelandic industry. Fjármálatíðindi 1980.

7.   Input-output tables for Iceland . Fjármálatíðindi 1982.

8.   Icelandic Industry at the Crossroads. EFTA-Bullletin 1979.

9.   Intra-Nordic trade patterns. Nordisk konkurrensutredning 1979.

10. Together with T. Einarsson: Exchange rate policies in a small open economy with big external fluctuations. Nationalökonomisk Tidsskrift       1984.

11.  Disinflation in Iceland . Economic Quarterly. Israel 1984.

12. Together with T. Einarsson: The long run effect of budget deficits - from Ricardo to rational expectations. Nordisk ökonomisk forskningsråd, 1985.

13. Together with T. Einarsson: A study in the Icelandic business cycle. Icelandic Economic Papers, 1987.

14. Together with T. Einarsson: A further study in the Icelandic business cycle. Icelandic Economic Papers 1987.

15. The economic upswing and the future. Fjármálatíðindi, 1987.

16.  Budget and credit policy in Iceland . Department of Economics, 1988.

17.  Labour supply and demand under profit-sharing. Icelandic Economic Papers, 1988.

18.  Economic policy in Iceland in the twentieth century. Hagmál, 1989.

19.  On the profitability of energy industry. Ministry of Industry, 1989.

20.  Together with G. Valgeirsson and Th. Thorlindsson: The economic significance of  sport in Iceland . Report to the Council of Europe , 1989.

21.  On the economics of research. Icelandic Science Council, 1990.

22.  Who carries a resource tax? In Hagsæld í húfi (Prosperity at Stake), 1990.

23.   The incidence of capital and resource taxes in an open economy. Icelandic Economic Papers (1990).

24.   Economic policy in Iceland and its participation in European integration. Mimeo.

25.   The effects of monetary policy on the commercial banks. Mimeo 1991.

26.   Energy, Profitability and Risk Taking. Hagmál 1991.

27.   Money and the Exchange Rate. Institute of Economic Studies, 1992.

28.   Economic Challenges at the Top of the World: The Case of Iceland , the First New Society. Prince Edward Island University 1992.

29.   The Crisis in the Faroe Islands - Especially in the Banking Sector. Danish Prime Ministry 1994.

30.    Fishing and Living: The Icelandic Experience. Memorial University , Newfoundland 1993.

31.   Macroeconomic Risks in the Operations of the Nordic Investment Bank. Scandinavian Institute for Exchange Research 1994. Together with L. Oxelheim.

32.    Portfolio Fishing. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 3,1997. Together with F.M. Baldursson.

33.    The Internationalization of Sports. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Volume 36, No. 1, March 2001.

34.    Basel I and II – Risk Mangement in Banking. Fjármálatíðindi. Central Bank of Iceland 2004.

35.    Hættumörk (Risk Limits). Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 2004.

36.    Keynes´s General Theory and Current Views. Methodology, Institutions and Policies.

            Editor. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 2004.

37.     Small States and European Economic Integration – with Special Reference to Iceland . Project for the Federation of Icelandic Industry. Institute of Small State Studies, University of Iceland 2004.

38.     Stundarhagur (State of Affairs ). Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at     the University of Iceland 2005.

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